About David Grugeon And Grugeon Consulting

David Grugeon CPA (Australia) FCA (England and Wales)

David is a qualified accountant and carried on a general accounting practice in England until 1991.

Since 1992 David has worked with Queensland Councils striving to improve their accountability and financial management

He worked for the Queensland State Government from 1992 to 2002 heading up the local government financial management unit. He was responsible for the financial aspects of legislation affecting local governments including the Local Government Finance Standard (the forerunner of the financial parts of the Local Government regulation).

While in the Department, David managed the preparation of several books on local government accounting, and financial management.

After leaving the Department in 2002 David has assisted many local governments as a consultant.

Grugeon Consulting

Grugeon Consulting is the trading name of the consulting business set up by David and his wife Elizabeth providing concultancy services to Local Governments. The business provides a range of services including: