Is Your Council Fraud Resistant?

With increasing pressure on organisations to do more with less, and on individuals to consume more, fraud is booming. It is up to management to prevent fraudsters inside and outside their organisations from helping themselves to public assets. This book is a simple guide to the policies, procedures and practices required to make a council resistant to fraud and corruption.

The book describes a comprehensive framework, put in place as part of the governance of a council. This starts with the tone set by the elected members and the CEO, then distributed through the organisation by example, by policies and procedures, and by training and reinforcement of a fraud resistant ethos.

The book contains examples of policies and procedures and a training outline as well as setting out the approach to fraud risk identification and treatment.

The book is set primarily against the legislation applicable to Queensland, Australia, but the principles and information are equally applicable to other states and countries.

Table of Contents

1	Definitions of Fraud and Corruption
2	Fraud and corruption risk in local government
2.1	    What is the risk?
2.2	    How well does local government handle this risk?
2.3	    Why is local government vulnerable?
2.4	    What can councils do?
3	Some examples of fraud and corruption
4	Setting the tone
5	Risk reduction framework
6	Council/CEO statement
7	Risk Assessment
8	Fraud and corruption risk policy
9	Other policies
10	Division of duties – practicalities
11	Small and remote Councils
12	Large Councils
13	Consultants and contract staff
14	Fraud risk factors
15	Red flags for fraud
16	Specific Areas
16.1	Procurement
16.2	Use of Council property
16.3	Private Works
16.4	Asset disposal
16.5	Cash handling
16.6	Risks particular to the IT area
16.7	Recruitment and HR
16.8	Payroll
16.9	Debtors
16.10	Creditors
17	Data Analytics
18	Training and induction
19	Maintaining the tone
20	Recording and Reporting Fraud and Corruption
21	Resources
Appendix 1	Council Resolution
Appendix 2	Fraud and Corruption Framework
Appendix 3	Fraud and Corruption Implementation Plan
Appendix 4	Induction Training Module Outline
Appendix 5	Training Schedule/Record
Appendix 6	Personal declaration
Appendix 7	Fraud and Corruption Policy
Appendix 8	CEO letter
22	Bibliography

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