Grugeon Consulting provides a wide variety of financial and management services to councils including:

Strategic management

  • Long term financial strategy development
  • Long term community planning
  • Corporate planning

Tactical management

  • Operational Planning
  • Organisation structure
  • Duties statements
  • Procedure design and documentation
  • Design of internal financial and operational reports
  • Position description development
  • Operational checklists and progress reporting

Financial management

  • Preparation of budget
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of internal financial reports
  • Chart of accounts structuring
  • Financial system conversion/implementation

Risk management

  • Facilitation of development of risk register
  • Identifying risks
  • Developing risk treatments
  • Preparing risk register

Integrity services

  • Set up your fraud risk management
  • Write the new policies and procedures
  • Implement policies and procedures
  • Facilitate fraud risk assessment and treatment
  • Conduct in-house training
  • Act as a reference point for fraud complaints, reporting, and investigations
  • More Information

Internal audit

Our approach to Internal Audit goes beyond compliance with the legislation. Internal Audit is an important component of governance helping the elected Council and senior managment to keep the council on-track to achieve its objectives. We work from an agreed scope for each audit, but will keep our eyes open for issues affecting performance and achievement, as well as potential risks.

Our reports are precise and to-the-point. They make recommendations that will improve effectiveness and efficiency as well as avoiding problems.

For further information on any of these services please call me on 0429 029 836 or email